About Linda Lesperance

Although I was born in Michigan, my art career began to blossom after I moved to New York City as a young adult. It was there that I was exposed to art on every level, from the street on up to the museums and fine art galleries. I lived in SoHo and had the opportunity to meet many well-known artists and was often invited to visit their studios. I was influenced by so many of them, including my husband, Claude Dussel. He was a French painter from the school known as “Fantastique.” He helped guide me through the course of artists' ethics—which are sometimes more important than the actual artwork itself. He both mentored and encouraged me in my art as I try to do with other artists now.

Besides my art career, I have lead a rich and varied professional life as the assistant to the Society Editor of the New York Post; I did a stint in public relations and event planning; did free-lance writing and photography; managed and owned clothing boutiques; designed fabrics and clothing; did portrait painting and, finally, achieved my goal as a fine art oil painter. I feel that all my experiences in life have added richness, understanding and attitude to the whole of my work. I have never “studied under” another artist which, I think, frees me to paint like myself. My subjects are usually Southern in nature because that's where I live. I find it is best to paint what you know.

I lived in the nucleus of New York City for 12 years; did several couture collections in Paris; helped produce clothing in Guatemala; lived on a houseboat in Key West for 10 years and ultimately, landed myself in New Orleans where I have supported myself solely by selling my artwork for almost 20 years. I live in a cute house Uptown and that's where my painting studio is, also.

I have had several solo art shows in galleries in New Orleans and have been selected into juried artist festivals like the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (12 times), the Monterey Jazz Fest; Austin City Limits Festival and the Bayou City Art Show in Houston.

I am currently showing my work at the Jean Bragg Gallery on Julia Street in New Orleans where I will be having another solo show again in February, 2012.

You will probably notice that most of my work includes people. I am fascinated by the creativity of people who do things…I love the energy. That's why I like to paint musicians, dancers and people caught up in the activity of their everyday work. There is a certain rhythm to life that I find so beautiful and I hope that my work conveys that spirit.